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By:     Marc A. Rapaport

divorce forms Yesterday, Florida state courts issued new divorce form templates that use the term "spouse" in lieu of "husband" and "wife." This is part of a nationwide trend that reflects the increasing numbers of same-sex couples that now turn to state courts to dissolve their marriages and to resolve other family law matters. This trend comes on the heels of the earlier trend, which began approximately five years ago, of using gender neutral terminology in marriage forms.

As America's pioneer in developing do-it-yourself divorce papers, DivorceToday.com is updating all of our site's downloadable divorce paperwork to ensure that all documents adheres to each state's guidelines regarding gender references.

At this juncture, throughout most of the United States, divorcing same-sex couples will face the same financial and legal issues to which any other couple is prone. Regardless of someone's gender or sexual preference, the process of divorce is (under even the best of circumstances) stressful and financially painful. However, many commentators have noted that divorcing same-sex couples go through unique psychological challenges. A New York Magazine article on same-sex divorce noted that:

From "I do" to "I'am done" is a well-traveled road-for straight couples. When their legal marriages are over, they pretty much know they will need a legal divorce. But for gay couples, the promise of marriage is still so new and incomplete that the idea of matrimonial courts, equitable settlements, and all the rest barely registers. How do you process the undoing of a bond that until a moment ago in history you were not allowed to form?

For more than 16 years, DivorceToday.com has provided information and tools that have minimized the stress and expense associated with divorce for thousands of Americans. We are uniquely experienced and qualified to help you navigate the uncontested divorce process regardless of whether you are gay or straight.

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