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Nevada Information

Summary Of Nevada Divorce Law
No Fault Divorce:
The Nevada statutes provide for no-fault divorce based on incompatibility. (NRS Section 125.010(3). This means that Nevada is a no-fault divorce state, and there is no need to provide that either of the parties was involved in any act of fault or wrongdoing.
Where to File Your Divorce Forms:
Section 125.010 of the Nevada Statutes sets forth the rules governing which county in which you should file your divorce complaint. It provides as follows:
  1. Divorce from the bonds of matrimony may be obtained for the causes provided in NRS 125.010, by verified complaint to the district court of any county:
    1. In which the cause therefor accrued;
    2. In which the defendant resides or may be found;
    3. In which the plaintiff resides;
    4. In which the parties last cohabited; or
    5. If plaintiff resided 6 weeks in the State before suit was brought.
  2. Unless the cause of action accrued within the county while the plaintiff and defendant were actually domiciled therein, no court has jurisdiction to grant a divorce unless either the plaintiff or defendant has been resident of the State for a period of not less than 6 weeks preceding the commencement of the action.
Complaint Does Not Have to Be Detailed:
Your complaint for divorce does not have to set forth the detailed circumstances which led to the demise of your marriage. Under the Nevada Statutes, you need only allege incompatibility. If the defendant chooses, they can subsequently demand a detailed statement from the Plaintiff. However, this will generally occur only in a contested case, if at all.

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